Vanna's insides

Vanna's insides

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When Everyone Else Jumps off a Cliff...

You should too.
Because they obviously know what they're doing, and you do not.

I spent three nights (seriously, I have no idea if that's accurate, I've truly lost all track of time) screwing around with the damn window coverings, when in fact, if I'd just followed every single blog/article on vandwelling regarding window coverings I wouldn't have had to go through all this nonsense in the first place.

Yesterday was 11 non-stop hours of going from store to store gathering the supplies necessary to comply with the solution I've known all along and thought that I knew better seeing as I knew nothing about vandwelling and most people who do don't know what they're talking about.

I couldn't find Reflectix anywhere in the city (which is the brand that all the forums and blogs recommend for window coverings for insulation and privacy) nor a product like it--BUT I was able to find (for cheap) those aluminum foil heat reflective blankets, which I'm sure is all Reflectix is anyways, grabbed a ton of cardboard from Home Hardware, and black garbage bags from Dollarama (my original ingenuous solution to the bitch that is window coverings) and went to it.

I laid all the crap out on the floor of this semi-empty, well-lit parking garage, and cut and duct-taped like a fiend for several hours until I'd finished the 5 covers.  The front is still bare at night, but I just had to call it quits last night.  The entire day was dedicated to this ridiculous craft time, so I was mighty exhausted since the night before had been such a shite sleep.  Also, I took advantage of the electrical outlets and charged my phone and laptop so that when bedtime arrived I curled up in the back with a movie streaming from McDonalds free WiFi.

No regrets.  Vanna keeps me on my toes.  Still just putting in a lot of hours getting things right, looking forward to when things just flow.


  1. This has me reflecting on hunter-gathering societies and also the differences between doing this now versus the 60's. I can not help but feel relieved each time you make it through the evening safe. It also makes me think of the winter I spent in a winnipeg winter without electrical and heat. I know that weariness that comes from.being too cold. Godspeed, love.

  2. Ps! We need photos of the window covers!