Vanna's insides

Vanna's insides

Monday, January 27, 2014


When I woke up and, for about 1 1/2 hours after that, I hated absolutely everything.

I cannot speak highly enough of getting one's period during their first week of vandwelling.  TRULY: more fun has never been had.


Yesterday was a day of firsts: first time peeing into a yogurt container (Ladies!  Do not invest in the female urinal products, SO unnecessary); first time washing my clothes in the YMCA's sinks.

I couldn't sleep last night, and my "ingenuous" solution to the window coverings still seems to need some work.  I imagine I won't be able to talk about the damn windows for awhile because of the magnitude of frustration it is causing to my nights.

Last night I took advantage of the parking lot lights of the 24hr Thriftys and read for an hour.  Struggled with the cold again last night/this morning, the vandwelling sites reccommend Reflectix for the windows to keep the heat in.  Will investigate.
Victoria... I guess you aint so bad.

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