Vanna's insides

Vanna's insides

Monday, April 28, 2014

Things to Think About

Rite of passage for the young vandweller... Being rejected because of your circumstances... and mold.

Yes.  That is correct.  I was dumped because I live in a van.

I think.

However, because it was only the second date, it may not really constitute a full-on 'dumping' I 'spose.

Also?  Mold.

Today marks the beginning (hopefully not of the end) of my certain to be ongoing battle with mold.  I tore my bedding apart to discover black spots forming on the wood platform of my bed.  Am now in the research phase.  Will be sure to update y'all throughout the freaking process.

And also?  Girls bestfriend: memory foam.  Have been sleeping like a baby for a few nights now since purchasing the mattress of craigslist.


  1. Wow Pam. That sounds like a superficial guy. IF he doesn't like your van dwelling, let him buy you a house to live in - right? ;)

  2. Citric acid bought as a powder on ebay will kill mold. About 1/2 TBS / qt water. I used it when i had a house cleaning biz , works the same as vinager. You might also try dry hot air. Head to the desert for a few days.

  3. if the mold is just on the wood platform paint it with mold killing Kiltz paint. @ wallmart.

    1. Thanks David, I'll look into both options!

  4. I'd recommend Kilz primer fro the mold on your wood. You're going to need to move the foam matress enough that moisture doesn't build up. The moisture separation crystals, coupled with good ventilation (easier to do in good weather also help. You are always putting moisture in the air just by breathing. Good luck

  5. When I built my bed platform, I painted a couple good coats of paint to seal the wood to prevent dirt and oils from soaking in the wood... and also keep it dry and clean. This has worked extremely well for me. I know other people that use just raw unfinished wood, but after a time it gets dirty and grimy looking... and I don't like that.