Vanna's insides

Vanna's insides

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Beauty Finds Her Way. Always.

I'm resting cross-legged atop my van on a calm, dark road at the edge of the world --- or maybe it's only the edge of Vancouver Island, but you'd be hard-pressed to identify the differences.  The night is warm and my iPod sits unplayed somewhere beneath m perch, because tonight it is the ocean's playlist tempting me with her beats.

I feel free.  Employment has been spotty over the past three months; and though not my reasoning for adopting the lifestyle, certainly a fact made easier by its inception.  I feel grateful.  I am so well supported and cared for by this city and my community of loved ones.  It was my libation-indulging friends who provided the cans I returned for this morning's coffee, and a girlfriend's home that I cleaned for Vanna's gas top-up today.  Though my consumption has eased recently, my needs continue to appear and be met.

Warmer days have meant leaving the windows open at night which has done wonders for the humidity levels.  Condensation build-up throughout the night caused me to be concerned about the development of mold which for the time being seems to have been remedied.  I've also discovered almond milk as an alternative to dairy (an alternative that doesn't require refrigeration).


  1. I have "car window rain deflectors" on my vehicle, it allows me to have the windows open a bit for air flow, yet the windows look closed from the outside. Really helps with condensation

    1. perfect. this idea makes so much sense. thank you for the tip!