Vanna's insides

Vanna's insides

Friday, February 14, 2014

Victoria: A lady's main squeeze

Who's to say who chose whom...

Victoria (YYJ) has been romancing me all day, giving way more than I've given back. I knew she was my lady, but I guess now I know I'm hers as well...

I've had two rough nights in the van.  Terrible sleeps, lumpy bed, achey joints; so today, instead of finding a couch to crash on, I've spent the day re-wooing Vanna.  Getting re-acquainted with my girl.  I splurged at Value Village and bought a mattress from a pimped out chaise-lounge to even out the lumpy bits that have been causing so many painful nights/mornings/days for my hips and back.  I cleaned her top to bottom, inside and out, gave her a good vacuuming and scrubbing and am now feeling like I'm out of the doghouse for having abandoned her to the cold during that week of 'house-sitting.'

Something you'll notice once you take up van-dwelling?

You live every day.  

Please re-read that sentence ...  I can wait.

If you already have been, seriously: power to you.  I was not.  But now, I am...  And it's wonderful.

I took a nap under a rainbow today--just because I could.

Happy Valentines Day...

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