Vanna's insides

Vanna's insides

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a few little thoughts

Yes.  You are living in a van... and hard as you may try and avoid it... you will eventually hang an Ani Difranco poster on the ceiling.

Some common misconceptions about van living:
1.  Parallel parking with a cat is not easier than not parallel parking with a cat, despite what the myth will lead you to believe.  It's kind of like how having one kid is a lot of work and you assume that having a second kid will be twice as much work -- BUT it turns out to be 100x the work.  You know.  I assume.  I have a cat, after all, not two kids.  BUT I imagine parallel parking with a cat is SIMILAR in difficulty level to parallel parking with two kids.  Do you see what I'm getting at?

2.  Your life is not perfect.  HOWEVER it will probably be better than anyone else's that you know.  SO.  When you meet the unavoidable roadrage-y drivers at 9 in the morning who could potentially take your life over a parking space (one in which you have clearly signaled you are about to pull into in every single fashion that north American society has deemed necessary as well as a few that haven't been), let them have it.  They do not live in a van.  They do not have a life as high on the perfection scale as you.  You can at least cede the parking space.  Really, you could let them have the parking space every single day for the rest of their working life, greet them with balloons, a coffee, and a home made cake from your best friend's grandmother every single morning, and your life would still be exponentially better than theirs... So give them the parking space.  The lady in front of them is pulling out anyways.  You can park there.

3.  You'll think it's cute and kind of endearing in a clueless and naive kind of way the days you deem it unnecessary to spend at least 15-30 minutes on general upkeep/organization/cleaning of your space.  Then you'll go at least three days before you forget your resolve to never do such an idiotic thing again that increases the amount of time it takes to accomplish any task 10 fold.  Then you will (endearingly) repeat the process.

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