Vanna's insides

Vanna's insides

Saturday, February 1, 2014

People are Strange (and How to Deal With Them)

People are weird.  Those that love you will have a lot of trouble understanding the decision to live in a van and calling it a 'choice.'  In the same breath they will say, "How will you stay warm?" and "How will you keep your food cold?"


Tell them they only get to ask one of those questions.

They will say, "I can't believe you got rid of all your stuff!" followed immediately with "What if someone steals all your stuff??"

If you are female and alone, it will be much greater for people (parents/relatives) to understand, do not be frustrated by this.  Their intentions are good.  Be gentle with people, we all feel threatened by the unknown; it is even more threatening when it involves a young female loved one--accept people's concerns love in whatever manner it comes then, leave it behind you with a smile: you are cared for, and that's nice.

Next: drive to Sooke.  Sit by the water.  Take a nap when you get sleepy in the afternoon (I used a grocery store parking lot--parked in the sun).  Sip tea at a Serious Coffee; leave you laptop, book, and journal closed.  Drive back to Victoria and head directly to the community rec centre.  Sit in the hot tub for as long as feels good.  Let the jets massage your strained calf muscles from yesterday's run.  Smile at those around you: feel confident that they get it.  Have a steamed milk at Starbucks before bed.  Kiss your cat and invite her under the covers with you.  Sleep well, you've earned it.

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